Working with GS1

For over ten years, since Cambridge Auto-ID Lab plays a very active role working with GS1 in the development of open standards for supply chain visibility.
We contributed to the development of the GS1 EPC Information Services (EPCIS) standard and acted as the main editor for the GS1 EPC Tag Data Translation standard.

We have also co-chaired a number of technical work groups and requirements groups at GS1, including Data Discovery / Discovery Services, Tag Data Translation and Event-Based Pedigree.
We participate in the GS1 Architecture Group and participated in the former GS1 EPCglobal Architecture Review Committee.

Our current activity with GS1 focuses particularly in the areas of Event-Based Traceability / Electronic Pedigree and Linked Open Data for Products (GS1 Digital).

Event-based Traceability / Electronic Pedigree

Linked Open Data for Products (GS1 Digital initiative | 'GTIN + Data on the web')